04.04.2022. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, ideas, connections, and financial support. You are helping to make a difference to the millions of Ukrainians suffering through the injustices of this war. Plast USA’s Scouts for Ukraine initiative is focused on addressing many of Ukraine’s urgent needs.

Our teams are actively fundraising, assembling Pocket First Aid Kits, procuring medical equipment and supplies, and optimizing logistics so that aid can reach Ukraine quickly and effectively. Plast Ukraine now has over 2000 scout volunteers working on the critical last mile to reach those in need and are funneling aid to all parts of the country.

Their work has other organizations in Ukraine noting that the Plast distribution network is one of the best ways to get needed supplies to the most critical locations. Another 2000 scouts are members of the armed forces or territorial defense. We are hearing directly from our Plast members in Ukraine about what is needed, what obstacles they are facing, and how we can best help in America.

Below are just some of the projects we have completed since the start of the campaign:

  • Creation of a 24/7 US doctor-staffed Google Meet, accessible to any doctor in Ukraine. Facilitation of the donation of medicines by Americares and implementation of a chain of custody for delivery of the medicines in Ukraine by Plast scouts.
  • Funding the weekly transport of 40 tons of aid from Poland into Ukraine.
  • Air shipment of over 30,000 Pocket First Aid Kits to Ukraine. Boy and Girl Scouts have worked alongside Plast scouts to assemble these kits.
  • In-kind donation of medical supplies to create an additional 16,000 Pocket First Aid Kits.
  • Assembly and air shipment of 500 comprehensive Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), created with in-kind donations.
  • Purchase and air shipment of $100,000 of medical supplies, in conjunction with Plast Canada.
  • Purchase and shipment of 4,000 tourniquets.
  • Outreach to employers and local places of business resulting in donations of over $200,000 to the Scouts for Ukraine initiative.

Additional ongoing initiatives Plast USA is working on:

  • Volunteer groups continue to assemble Pocket First Aid Kits around the country – working towards a 500,000 goal
  • Logistics: We have logistics experts in the US and in Ukraine working onmid to long-term logistics strategies, to ensure aid is delivered in changing war environments. Plast Ukraine has three warehouses in Poland being utilized for coordinated relief efforts.
  • Hospital Group: This group solicits donations of critical hospital/surgical equipment and supplies. They are in the process of adding a controlled-access website for Ukrainian hospitals seeking equipment and supplies to connect with organizations able to procure these items.
  • Collections of personal protective equipment donated by federal, state and local police departments. We are working with the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council to ensure these supplies reach the civilian territorial defenders.
  • Maternal fetal medical aid, including portable ultrasound probes and fetal dopplers has been sent to three hospitals in Ukraine. The collection and distribution model is now being rolled out to other hospitals.

We still need your help, particularly in the following areas:

  1. Reaching out to employers, places of business, etc. to solicit donations.
  2. Planning and organizing large, well-publicized, fundraisers.
  3. Contacting hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers and distributors for donations of equipment and supplies.
  4. Reaching out to established media in support of Plast activities and news about Ukraine.

If you have contacts at the corporate level, can organize the local community, or are willing to place a few calls, please send your contact information and area of interest to: [email protected].



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