Today, Ukraine fights against Russian aggression, against Russian neo-fascist “rashism”, just as it fought against Nazism in World War II. We, the global Ukrainian community, must use our powerful voice in every country we live in to help Ukraine win on the battlefield and in the information war.

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has spewed unceasing lies to conceal atrocities, war crimes, mass shootings of the Ukrainian population. They announce their intention to denazify Ukraine while committing crimes against humanity on the level of the worst Nazi and fascists atrocities.

On May 8, we must unite with the entire civilized world to honor the victims of World War II and the veterans who fought to defeat Nazism. At the same time, we must emphasize that the violence and atrocities against civilians currently taking place in Ukraine is a Russian-sponsored repetition of the horrors we fought so hard to overcome in the last century.

On May 9, Russia celebrates with much pomp and ceremony its claimed victory over Nazism in World War II. This year, we must unite to deny Russian Victory Day and, instead, declare May 9 as Russian Shame Day.

We must unite both in our communities and on social networks under one slogan – Russian Shame Day – so that the whole world hears our voices as one.

We ask all supporters of Ukraine, from everyday social media users to media influencers to support the Russian Shame Day campaign by spreading information on social networks. We also ask you to distribute this Call to Action checklist among your circles in order to build support among those who care about the fate of Ukraine.


For Facebook:

Choose one of the photos uploaded with the email or follow the link below and choose another photo.

Add one of the texts in the following section as desired.

To create a chain, be sure to add the hashtag #RussianShameDay.

Additionally, use #UniteWithUkraine to support fundraising for Ukrainian soldier gear and #StandWithUkraine to build wider public visibility.

Repeat everyday from May 3 though May 9.

For Twitter
in addition to hashtags,
you can download @UniteWithUKR

For Instagram

Find texts for Fb/IG here

Download images here

To find out more visit


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